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   32 years in business, 12 collections, 476 available finishes


Aster 20.000 square metre of company premises, 92 employees, 55 countries, 410 clients all over the world.
   Aster is the ideal target for people looking for a unique and luxurious design, where every detail fits perfectly in the harmonic project of their own kitchen.
Aster  Cucine offers you a wide range of items in a great variety of models to meet all possible aesthetic and functional requirements. One of our company’s strong points is the wide range of colors available both for the laminated kitchens, the wooden ones, as well as the lacquered ones where ASTER can make kitchens to specific color samples as well as in 40 mat, glossy and metallic colors.
   Given the high reliability of the products themselves along with the top quality of the materials used to make them, Aster guarantees all products for 5 years.



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