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   A leading design company, founded by Giulio Castelli in Milan in 1949,


KartellKartell has been one of the companies symbolising made in Italy design for over 60 years. A success story told through an incredible series of products - furniture, interior design items and lighting that have become part of the domestic landscape if not virtual icons of contemporary design.

   Over the years, Kartell has collected an enviable series of prestigious international awards including nine Compasso d'Oro awards. Founded in 1999, the Kartell Museum, repository of the history of the brand, won the Guggenheim Premio Impresa e Cultura award as the best corporate museum in 2000.

   Since the nineteen fifties the company business has been engaged on two fronts: LABWARE, laboratory equipment, and HABITAT dedicated to furniture, interior design items and lighting (the latter re-introduced successfully into the catalogue starting in 2000).

   Since 2009, Kartell also has been producing a collection of women's footwear made of plastic and designed by major made in Italy fashion labels.

   Over the last 15 years an ambitious expansion plan has strengthened the distribution network and the brand image at the global level: Kartell now counts 130 flagship stores and 250 shop-in-shops and is present in 126 countries.

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