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   The year was 1967, when Gino Silvestrin together with 2 other partners,


Maior Cucine

 created a small company specialized in painting and painting furniture components. A year later they could build the first 1.000 sqm warehouse with the most advanced equipment able to increase the quality of the product.
   In the meantime, in addition to painting, work began with the hot stamping press and a further expansion of the shed during 1969 brought the production complex to 3.000 square meters. In the years 73-74 the production units were further enlarged reaching a total of 10,000 square meters and a total of 70 employees.
   Meanwhile, in 1979, Gino Silvestrin, sensing that the kitchen market was booming, founded MAIOR CUCINE. MAIOR CUCINE in the 90s, transformed from carpentry into a real industrial factory, specializes in series products for modular kitchens and the plant located in San Cassiano di Brugnera in an open area of 30.000 square meters is expanded up to the current 20.000 square meters total production volumes based on 3 production sites. It includes 3 production units for a total of 30000 square meters where more than 80 employees are employed.
   All production takes place in factories based in Italy, the quality of the products is certified made in Italy.
   Attention and attention to detail are fundamental elements in the realization of our kitchens. The packaging is done manually with a set of elements that guarantee and protect every single piece during transport. Thanks to the 3CAD Evolution software, the order passes directly from the office to the CNC machines in production, guaranteeing maximum precision and minimizing errors.

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