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   Company established in the province of Padua in the early 1990’s, L'OTTOCENTO produces handmade kitchens and living room furniture in a classic and contemporary style.


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   The finest craft techniques of Veneto furniture-making tradition, with the know-how of technical and aesthetic innovation - this is how L'OTTOCENTO furniture is born.
   The meticulous selection of fine woods such as cherry-wood, walnut and oak, marks the start of a production process focused on quality, to exalt the skill of master carpenters. Ability of taste and passion are an essential part of each piece of furniture, while the latest technical solutions are used to enhance the functionality and refined finishes obtained with natural raw materials.
   The FSC certification obtained by L'OTTOCENTO wood suppliers certifies the eco-compatibility of the entire production process, conform to international regulations on the ecological and socially compatible management of forests.

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   If you are interested in the products of the L'OTTOCENTO factory, write to us and we will send you electronic catalogs.




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