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   Founded by Gianni Tonin more than 40 years ago, TONIN CASA has been, since the very beginning, a perfect example of passion, elegance and research in the furniture business.



   In 1975 its main activity was the production of shoe cabinets and classical furniture, publishing the first
catalogue in 1982.
   Due to its success and the trust from our clientele, at the beginning of the Nineties, we started our production of modern furniture, together with publishing of specific dedicated catalogues and the expansion to areas beyond Northern ltaly.
   Since then, TONIN CASA has been in a continuous development and growth, engaging into worldwide sales and exporting the values of Made in Italy, with products which resume beauty and functionality. Signs and trends that promote the tradition of Italian Design in the world.


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   If you are interested in the products of the TONIN CASA factory, write to us and we will send you electronic catalogs.




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