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   The origins of Alf Group date back to the early 1950s, when a group of artisan wood workers, with a wealth of experience and skill behind them, decided to come together to form a cooperative in Francenigo (Treviso, Italy).


Alf DaFre

   After just a few years, the initial team had become an important industrial presence in the sector, so much so that the Piovesana brothers were inspired to take over the whole company and invest in new resources. And the results did not take a long time to show: Alf began expanding in the early 1960s, thanks to its ability to distinguish itself in the bedroom furniture design and creation sector. In the decades that followed, increasingly fast-paced market development and a desire to meet the needs of its customers meant that the Alf Group increased production, without ever compromising on the very best made-in-Italy quality.

   Today, the Alf Group holds an important position in the furniture market, thanks to its ability to offer solutions for the living area, bedroom and kitchen, as well as turnkey contract solutions, providing cutting-edge services with outstanding flexibility and timing.

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